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How to Send Videos Through Email?

How to Send Videos Through Email?

Due to the increasing amount of competition in the online business world, online entrepreneurs have been forced to be more creative in their marketing endeavours. Marketing your online business enables you to make the web browsers aware of your products and services and thus force them to visit your site regularly for your services. It is therefore important for you to make sure that your marketing strategies are effective and efficient. Mind you, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to market your business. The current technological advancement has made this task more simple and cost effective. For instance, you can now include video to your marketing emails thus enabling the subscribers to understand the message more clearly. This article seeks to show you how to send videos through email.

They normally say that a picture is worthy a thousand words. Therefore, before you send your regular promotional messages and newsletters to your subscribers, consider the possibility of adding a video in the email. Such a video will help you to improve the effectiveness of your message and also allow the subscribers to see for themselves the kind of products and services you have in store for them. However, including a video in your email message is not such an easy task. It requires you to have the necessary skills and techniques. This is why you have to continue reading this piece of information so that you can learn how to add video in email. The only thing that you first need to understand is that, very few email service providers allow their members to send videos via email. Therefore, you have to consider the other available options.

Methods on How to Send Videos Through Email

There are several ways to add a video to your email message. One of these techniques is to upload your video to YouTube and any other site that supports video sharing. However, this method is not very effective considering that the subscriber may not be a member or a fan of the video sharing site. In such cases, the subscribers tend to ignore the entire message and that is a loss to you. Therefore, if you want to use this method, make sure that you understand your subscriber’s preferences. Choose a site that most of your subscribers are comfortable with.

The other option available for you is to upload the screen shot of the video to your email. This gives your subscribers a chance to have an idea of the video and they can be compelled to search for the video at other video sharing sites. However, this method is also not very reliable. The most effective idea on how to send videos through email is to link the video to the one on the other video sharing sites such as YouTube. Once the subscriber clicks on the link, they will be introduced to the video on the other sites. So far, this is the most common method of including video in the email that most people are using.