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10 Must-Read Books on Email Marketing

Email Marketing, sometimes a funny topic to talk about but when I set out to find information on email design and marketing, I noticed there wasn’t much to find. This is why I setup Beautiful Emails to help readers like you engage and exchange information and hopefully help you to become a better designer and an internet marketeer.

So, I present a list of 10 email marketing books which I feel have made a impact on the way I design and observe email marketing.

1. Email Marketing by the Numbers

by Chris Baggott and Ali Sales

Email Marketing by the Numbers

“Email Marketing by the Numbers applies such modern marketing principles to the world′s greatest marketing tool—permission email. Email marketing expert Chris Baggott reveals what works, what doesn′t, and how to leverage the power of email to accomplish all of your goals.”

2. The Complete Guide to E-mail Marketing

by Bruce C. Brown

The Complete Guide to E-mail Marketing

“In this new groundbreaking book you will learn how to create top-notch e-mail marketing campaigns, how to build stronger customer relationships, generate new qualified leads and sales, learn insider secrets to build your e-mail list quickly, deal with spam filters, and the optimum days and times to send your e-mails.”

3. E-Mail Marketing for Dummies

by John Arnold

E-Mail Marketing for Dummies

“E-Mail Marketing For Dummies can help you send your message to the inboxes of the world while observing professional standards, improving your deliverability, and executing your e-mail marketing strategy in line with current laws.”

4. The Truth About Email Marketing

by G Simms Jenkins

The Truth About Email Marketing

“Industry expert, Simms Jenkins, provides a set of best practices to help you assess and refine your strategy and tactics. Your organization can gain much from new and proven approaches to email marketing: strengthen customer relationships, create loyalty, and build trust and awareness. The result is increased responses in sales, leads, registrations, and more.”

5. Email Marketing for Complex Sales Cycles

by Ron Richards, Winton Churchill

Email Marketing for Complex Sales Cycles

“The principles in Email Marketing For Complex Sales Cycles have helped thousands of business people and entrepreneurs increase sales and reduce stress and aggravation…Will you be the next one to benefit? Why not generate more sales, more quickly?”

6. The Complete Guide to Successful E-Mail
Marketing Campaigns

by Robert W. Bly, Michelle Feit, Steve Roberts

The Complete Guide to Successful E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

“Direct marketing via the Internet is the best way to avoid the rising printing and mailing costs of traditional direct mail. Plus, it’s more effective! An online campaign will often turn a profit even if the entire mailing produces only 1 percent response or less! If you’re ready to try e-mail marketing, or if you’re already doing it and want to know more, Internet Direct Mail has all the information you need.”

7. Marketing with E-Mail

by Shannon Kinnard

Marketing with E-Mail

“Online consultant Shannon Kinnard offers advice to small and large businesses on how to expand and improve marketing, communications, and on-line relationships. Includes access to a companion Web site and a list of 20 relevant e-mail publications.”

8. Permission Based E-mail Marketing

by Kim MacPherson

Permission Based E-mail Marketing

To retain customers and solicit new clients, businesses need proven ways to make their products and services stand out. From subject lines that grab attention to detailed ways of calculating return on investment, every aspect of e-mail advertising is detailed in Permission Based E-Mail That Works.

9. Total E-mail Marketing

by Dave Chaffey

Total E-mail Marketing

Total e-Mail Marketing 2e draws on expertise and latest examples from leading European practitioners to detail practical tips to improve campaign results. Packed with brand new case studies and checklists to get you started or improve on past campaigns, the book covers all aspects of e-mail marketing.”

10. Successful Email Marketing Strategies

by Middleton Highes and Arthur Sweeter

Successful Email Marketing Strategies

“Email marketing began as a serious marketing discipline in the late 1990s. Since then, there has been a major seismatic shift in the entire email marketing industry. The standard approach to email marketing, batch and blast — is serious trouble. It simply no longer performs. Subscriber inboxes are overflowing with irrelevant permission-based emails that only annoy. Research shows that 60% of subscribers simply ignore the emails. There are two basic ways to approach email marketing today.”

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    I you are truly in the mailing business. These books are really must to read on. Because these books will definitely enhance your skills and knowledge in email marketing.

    Nice collection.

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    I’ll bookmark this blog, very helpful

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