10 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

Email Marketing

There is an abundance of information and tips out there on how to improve your email marketing, but not everyone can benefit from these tips. What may seem applicable for one project may not work on another, so applying the correct technique for your project is crucial. Another factor is time, we all want to see improvement right away and tend to become impatient when it comes to achieving fast results (not a bad thing). Saying that, here are 10 quick tips you can apply right now which can improve your email marketing.

1. Let Your Visitors Know

You signup form is an essential part of your marketing. If your forms don’t mentioned your listings, or doesn’t show any indication to your offerings, your visitors are going to be left confused.

Why should this be done? Well, imagine you’re signing up on a form but don’t actually know what will happen next, this is going to make you feel cautious about your personal information. So ensuring your visitors know exactly what will happen after they input their personal information is essential to gain their trust. This will also allow you to avoid spam complaints and resulting in people just deleting your emails without reading them.

2. Rename Buttons

Its common to see ‘submit’ buttons at the end of forms and the likes and it’s a great way for the user to interact with your campaign, however making small adjustments to the button itself can enhance the users experience which will evidently enhance your overall marketing. Using the same terminology that you use in your ‘call to action’ techniques is a great way to apply this principle. For example, instead of just using the term ‘submit’ in your button, use a more attractive words like; ‘Let’s Go!’. Saying that, its important to stress that you should ensure your choice of wording remains consistent throughout your emails.

3. Show Success Messages on Forms

Have you ever submitted a form and nothing happens? Maybe the form refreshes and appears empty second time round? Frustrating right? This is not good practice, as it can confuse the users. It is important that users know when their information has successfully been submitted. Directing them to another page which simply says ‘Your information has successfully been submitted’ or even ‘Thank you!’ can improve your email marketing.

4. Custom Success Page

If visitors decided to subscribe to your mailing list, ensure that they receive a confirmation. A simple email requesting they activate their subscription by clicking on a link, is an effective way to utilize this.

5. Use Social Media

It is really important to add social icons in your emails to ensure visitors have easy access to sharing your content. As social media is now the world’s largest platform for communication, this option has many benefits and can evidently gain you more visitors.

6. Link to Show a Web Version of Your Email

Inputting a link at the top of your email directing users to view the current email as a dedicated web
page is another technique you should be adopting in your email marketing. This is important, especially if some users prefer not to have images loading up in their emails and would rather view them as a web version.

7. Connect Your Website to Your Email Forms

To save time, you don’t have to produce a blog post and a separate email, you could just integrate the two. This will ensure that whatever you include in your content will be sent to the users on your mailing list and vice versa.

8. Include a Signup Form in Other Pages

Having an archive is essential if you want to store a large amount of emails, this is also useful for users who want to go through previous content. Placing a signup form in the archive section can be a good decision to attract more visitors and allow them to sign up easily.

9. Send a Confirmation Email to Your Subscribers

If you’re one of those individuals who signs up to everything you come across and receives hundreds of emails a day, you will understand this point. Just being some people don’t click on your emails, doesn’t mean they are ignoring them, maybe they didn’t notice it. So sending out reminders can be a plus to get your users back to checking out your emails.

10. Brand Everything

This last point is simple, put your brand on every single email or blog post you send out, just because you can!

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