Best Time to Send Emails

Best Time to Send Emails

Email marketing has long been established as a very effective way of reaching large numbers of potential customers. The most important issue is to make sure that the recipient reads the email to see what is on offer. To achieve this, the email must not only be reader friendly, but it also needs to arrive at a time when the potential customer will be able to read it and take the time to appreciate what it contains. Carrying out research on your target audience is therefore crucial to running a successful campaign, at this is the best way to obtain the optimum response.

Know Your Customers

The best time to send an email marketing campaign depends on the target audience. If the campaign is intended to attract customers from the business community, and the product concerns the customers’ business needs, known as B2B (business to business) marketing, the email needs to arrive during the working day. This may mean that mailing lists have to be divided into sections depending on the time zones of international recipients. On the other hand, if the product is for personal needs, known as B2C (business to customer) marketing, the recipients will not appreciate receiving marketing emails during working time. This type of campaign should target potential customers when they are not at work, and can relax and consider the product.

When is Best?

Everything concerning successful marketing relies on knowing the target audience. For B2B marketing, it is essential to understand the usual profile of the working week. For many people, Monday morning sees an overflowing inbox, with a mountain of emails that have arrived over the weekend. It is very likely that any marketing emails will be consigned to the Junk folder without even being read in order to prioritise working matters. This means that however good the campaign, and however good the product, the message will not reach the audience. Therefore, it makes sense to avoid weekends and Mondays for B2B marketing.

Although Tuesdays and Wednesdays are better, experts suggest that these still are not the best days for email marketing. The working week has now settled down into a routine and people are at their most productive. Very few will have the time or desire to read unsolicited emails. However, Thursday is different. The weekend is appearing over the horizon, and after a busy few days people are beginning to wind down. Now is the ideal time to capture the attention of a target audience who may be ready to consider an interesting email that pops into their inbox! Thursday is certainly felt to be the most effective day, because by Friday the weekend mood may have already set in and business emails may have lost their appeal.

With B2C marketing there is a little more room for manoeuvre, although Mondays and Fridays are still best avoided. Think of the product being marketed, and who will be most likely to be attracted. It may be necessary to give people enough time to make arrangements to allow them to take advantage of what is on offer. For example, if the offer is for reduced price theatre or cinema tickets, customers may need to make appropriate childcare arrangements. Traditionally people are most likely to have more disposable income at the end of the month as this is often pay day, but it is also worth remembering that many public sector workers are paid around the middle of the month, which may require two campaigns to engage all potential customers.

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