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Email Guidelines

Email Guidelines

Granted, the social media hit the World like a Big Bang. Anyone who is anyone is now a chronic blogger, and anyone who is not in it looks like a dead man walking. This may very well be, but one thing stands out. For you to be able to open a social media site and integrate yourself into the frenzy, the minimum basic requirement is an email address. From Face book, to Twitter, to Google plus, Email, is what they all have in common.

The social media frenzy caught up with Yahoo, and they soon came up with yahoo messenger. Despite all this, Emails still remain one of the most effective communication tools thus far. What is interesting is the fact that email marketing generated more than any other marketing channel. So in terms of marketing, it’s still bigger than the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Email designing has a lot of sides to it, but its all comes down to simplicity, and regular product testing, the email being the eventual end product. It is doable, challenging, yes, but doable nonetheless. When designing an email, there are, certain email guidelines to consider.

Email Guidelines – Where to start

The key here is to capture attention. Do not let it wonder. Create something that does just that. This implies that you mainly invest in content as opposed to an influx of pictures that leave no space for the actual content. Yes, images are just as important, so put an equal mixture of beauty and content to balance it all out. The general email guidelines here are to have 1:4 ratio in terms of images to text content.

This means that the text content in your email should be more than the pictures, four times more. It is also important to steer clear of words such as ”buy now”-this is referred to as Spam content and it doesn’t do your email any favors. Try and mix it up a little, use other appropriate words to showcase your product.

It is all advisable to put small size photos. This email guidelines is meant to reduce the overall size of your email. This seeks to decrease the bulk and make it into a favorable weight. You’re ultimately trying to engrave your brand in your subscriber’s subconscious. The key here is to avoid too much variations. Identify a template and run with it. Using it frequently will get you an edge and ultimately a seat at the table.

It is not a popular practice, but it is advisable. It is important to maintain your corporate colors. This puts a feeling of your product being a professional brand.

Check service provider email guidelines options. How does your email look in the list of different inboxes? How does, for example, yahoo compare to Hotmail? This one of the more important aspects of email design. On some level, this may also apply to cell phone applications.

Lastly, try push in some fun, a bit of humor. Your email should not be stiff. Divert from the norm, try change things around, every so often, see how it works out.