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Email Signatures

An email signature is a block filled with text which is usually found at the end of an email. The purpose of these signatures is to have your contact details permanently attached to every single email you send out. This gives friends, clients, or whoever receives an email from you an easier option to contact you and know who you are. Thus, these particular signatures will include; your name, email address, business contact details and a website URL. You can also personalise your own messages, if you wish to have a friendly quote at the end of your emails.

Although email signatures are fairly simple to create, some people experience many difficulties, leaving unappealing and poor information. Your email signature should be attractive and stand out. You want people to take notice of your contact details and not just send your email to the junk folder! To begin creating effective email signatures, follow these simple tips;

Email Signature Check-list

Be precise and keep it concise – Keep it short and simple, overloading your signature with unnecessary information is just a waste of time. The aim is to get those receiving your emails to get to know who you are, so what more than your name, email address or website URL do you need?

Images and Logos – Although this isn’t essential, adding an image or even a logo of your company will be effective. If you do decide to include an image then ensure that the size is befitting for the information can stand out just as much as the image. Having a huge logo with tiny writing isn’t recommended.

Show your personality – You should not be afraid to show your personality, after all you want people to feel comfortable in contacting you. You shouldn’t be withdrawn in including anything in your signature which you think defines who you are. You want your signature to stand out and be unique to you and YOU alone, what good is it if your signature resembles someone else’s? In addition, you should avoid making your signature boring and should try and include creativity and ideas which come from your personal feelings and thoughts. Hence, the key to successful and interesting email signatures is to balance personal data and contact details.