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Reasons Why Emails Should Not Be Just Images

If your emails contain images, this can be effective on many levels. Through images, you can increase your sales, draw in the attention of clients and just boosts the visual communication in general. You can definitely ensure that your emails contain images, but are you using these images correctly? It has become rather common that major companies to send out emails containing only images and no text, but is this an effective technique?

Here are some important things to think about before attaching images to your emails.

Loading Times

Unless everyone who opens one of your emails has the world’s fastest internet, it is likely that it will take longer for an email which contains large images to load, so the bigger the image, the longer it will take to load. So anyone who isn’t that patient, will not want to wait for an email to load, click, read, close, that’s what we humans like to do with emails!

Sometimes, your image is what contains all the important information. So taking into consideration that not everyone will share the same internet speed, it is probably a good idea to think about re-sizing your images to ensure faster loading time.

Images Blocked

Unfortunately, nearly every email client out there blocks images in emails. This is done by default, so those who wish to view images in their emails, have to go into the settings and change the security settings. So this brings no benefit if all your information is contained in one single image, because most people forget to change these settings.


  • Your emails will show up differently on handheld devices like; Smartphone’s and tablets.
  • Over the years, reading emails has become even more common and people tend to do all their reading and replying on their phones and tablets, so this means, they are using smaller screens.
  • Most Smartphone’s resize emails, webpage’s and images automatically to cater to the screen. This is mainly the case on the Apple iPhone as Android devices do not support this automatic re-sizing of emails.

People like easy access to things, so if your images takes a long time to load or the customers have to do a lot of scrolling on their handheld device just to see a bit of text clearly, it is unlikely that they will open any of your future emails.

Help Me Fix it!

Balance Text and Images – This is simple, add more smaller images with some additional text. This works better than just one massive image containing text. Balance the two.

Optimize for Mobile – As mentioned above, it is becoming more common that people are working from their handheld devices. So optimizing your emails for mobile use is essential. To ensure that your emails and images are mobile-friendly, you need to scale them to 600 pixels and not any wider. The best way to do this, is to use some sort of image editing software, like; Photoshop etc.