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Plain Text or HTML?

Email Template: Plain Text or HTML?

Through the advent of technology a lot of things have changed in the world. Indeed a lot as evolved in the communication world and many people have been able to change and advance with technology. Many have used the internet to market their products and services and also to connect with clients all over the world without wasting time and energy. Many people who want to start an email campaign usually face a lot of problems when it comes to either choose the plain text or html. A plain text email template is mainly use to improve the deliverability and reliability of the email while the html email template focuses on how to improve the visual appearance of the email. To optimize your email marketing it is advisable that you look at both email templates and know one that satisfies your needs and requirements.

First, you should know what plain text or html text is and you will be able to make informed decision before you go for the next step. Html can simply be described as an email that has can be or is set-up like a website page using varying colours, graphics, and link and table columns. A plain text can simply be described as a simple email that incorporates a text. If you are an experienced email marketer you should not experience any problem on the email template to go for as whether it be plain text or html text, both have incomparable formats that offer varying benefits that you should always consider.

Plain Text or HTML – The benefits of text

  • If you are worried about the deliverability into your inbox you can use text
  • It is also far much better to use plain text as you are always expecting replies to be forwarded into your email
  • You will also have the opportunity to ensure that you emails are correct and also ensure that they don’t look incorrect when clients are reading them
  • You can use it when you don’t have the development and design resources useful when it comes to creating a well tested and coded html template.
  • Lastly, plain text is imperative because, it will also allow the user to save his data without any worries as it does not age and does not have a version.

When it comes to html email template,

  • It is better and efficient because its main objective is to convert a sale as it offers great interactivity with clients. Hence, it is mostly used by advertisers and customers who need faster connections
  • It also makes the information that you are sending visually appealing and eye-catching
  • Html also offers in-house resources  that help to create a practicable and successful email template

To come to a conclusion on the plain text or html text debate, when you want to send an html is advisable that you send a text attached. This is because the plain text email template will be useful where the html format cannot work. Therefore, be examining the pros of either plain text or html text templates, you will be able to know one that you should choose.