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What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing, What is it?

Email marketing is when an email is sent out to an entire list of people to promote and potentially sell them a product. This method is also to get your brand known and to build a relationship with customers.

Saying that, today email marketing doesn’t seem to have a good reputation. This is because, the majority of people who receive marketing emails, tend to either delete it or consider it as spam. However, there are ways in which you can practise email marketing successfully.

1. Track Data

If you are working with email marketing, tracking data is easy. Why is tracking data important? Well, if you are constantly watching what’s happening, this makes everything much easier to run. You can be on top of your email marketing campaigns and monitor how they are doing. Tracking data allows you to monitor how many people are reading your emails, if your links are being clicked and even how many times you bag a sale. You can even monitor the number of customers who have unsubscribed to your emails, forwarded them or who has considered them as spam.

2. Cost Effective

Comparing email marketing with direct marketing, email marketing definitely has the upper hand. This is because a direct marketing campaign can set you back in the thousands, email marketing will never be that pricey. Another effective factor is that email marketing goes directly to the customers you want. This can build a strong relationship between you and the customers of your choosing because every email you send out, will have fresh information about your company or brand. So if you are searching for a way to promote your product which is also cost effective, email marketing should definitely be considered.

3. Boost Sales

Email marketing plays a major role in boosting sales for your company. Although, must marketing emails today are spammy, this is where building a relationship with customers is important. You don’t want all your marketing emails to look automated, so taking time out to actually build relationships and creating content within your emails can boost sales in the long run.

4. Automate your Campaigns

With email marketing you can schedule when and how many times you want your emails to be sent out. Direct marketing doesn’t allow you to do this. This automating service can bring great benefit to your company because it keeps customers informed and up to date with everything that is happening in your company. If you offer regular promotion deals or special events etc, then the automating service can be highly effective. This is where regular email newsletters can come into play.

5. It’s Immediate

As soon as you set up an email marketing campaign then everything else happens straight away. This is because the emails go directly to the customers of your choosing. You don’t have to worry about waiting on people to find your website or products via search engines or banners and promotional ads, as soon as you send out the emails, the quick the people will know about your company. If your content is rich and thought driven, customers will notice and appreciate that. So, taking time out to really build rich content will pay off by strengthen the relationship between you and the customers.

How do you attract the customers? Well, add catchy promotions or coupon codes, everybody likes to save a few here and there. Another great way to keep customers happy is offering premium codes or even gifts for long-term loyal customers. All these methods can boost overall sales.