Complaints about spam are one of the most damaging things to a marketing company’s reputation. When a company’s emails are repeatedly marked as spam, the sender risks being blocked by many of the major ISPs. While most businesses do not deliberately send out spam emails, there are many avoidable things that can contribute to a higher than average spam score. Here are some points to consider that should help reduce the amount of email spam complaints:

1.The Mailing List

Purchased mailing lists should be avoided as the people on them have not signed up to receive emails and will not recognise the sender’s address. It is important to keep the mailing list up to date. An out-of-date list could contain old email addresses and some subscribers may have forgotten that they opted in to emails from the company.

Senders need to be sure that the recipients of their newsletters are aware that they have opted in to receive them. Otherwise, they will classify those emails as spam! When a customer opts in to receive updates by email it pays to use a double opt-in system. Sometimes, people will sign up for something using a fake email address, which may be already being used by someone else. The recipient will then perceive the emails they receive as spam. To avoid this problem, customers should be asked to click on a link within an email to ensure both that they did not sign up using a fake address or had checked a box in error.

Companies should ensure that it is made clear to clients what they are signing up for and how often they can expect to receive emails. This may scare off some customers, but it is better to have one opt-in who wants to receive emails rather than twenty who would mark them as spam.

2. Sender Identification

Marketing companies should strive to make it crystal-clear who the email is from. Companies should not just use an email address such as, but identify themselves, for example, Business X. They should also make the subject of the email clear. The email pre-header, that often consists of one or two lines explaining that the subscriber has opted-in to receive this email, can be used instead to offer the recipient some information about the content they can expect.

It is an excellent idea to personalise the headers and body of the email. It may take longer to do so, but it will make the email look more professional and credible.

3. Expired Opt-ins

There are many reasons why recipients might no longer wish to receive emails, such as losing interest or changing jobs. It is important to monitor and remove expired opt-ins from the mailing list. Recipients who have lost interest will lower a company’s open rates and may also eventually mark the emails as spam. It is good practice to email these opt-ins once or twice to check whether they still wish to receive updates and newsletters. If there is no reply, these contacts should be deleted from the mailing list.

4. The Unsubscribe Button

The unsubscribe link is a company’s best defence against spam complaints. It may seem a good idea to hide it away in the midst of the small print at the foot of the email, but this is not correct. Customers receiving unwanted emails often mark them as spam simply because they cannot see an unsubscribe button. It is much better for a customer to be able to unsubscribe easily, as they are then less likely to mark the email as spam. The unsubscribe link should be easy to find and very visible, at the top of the email and perhaps in a larger font. ISPs have made it easy to mark an email as spam, so marketing companies need to make it even easier to unsubscribe.

5. The Feedback Loop

If a company sends a lot of emails, it makes sense for them to subscribe to a feedback loop that is provided to businesses by email clients such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo. When a recipient marks an email as spam, the feedback loop automatically removes them from the sender’s mailing list.

Signing up to a feedback loop will not prevent customers marking emails as spam, but it will allow companies to remove them from the mailing list, thus reducing the potential for complaints.

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Email Marketing Best Practices

With the kind of fierce competition that is being experienced on the online market, every website owner has been forced to find more effective ways of keeping their clients hooked to their sites. However, this is not an easy task that can be accomplished in one or two days. You have to be more aggressive and innovative. One of the best ways that you can keep your potential clients hooked to your website is through email marketing. These kinds of emails include things like the newsletters, updates, chats and more. The main idea behind the use of these emails is to send promotional messages to your subscribers. Therefore, you have to make sure that these emails are attractive, informative, and persuading. However, because of the numerous online businesses using these marketing strategies, people tend to ignore them. Therefore, you have to ensure that your email is different from others so that your subscribers can feel the urge to read it. It is for these reasons that these article seeks to provide you with a couple of email marketing best practices that you should always follow.

Follow Email Marketing Best Practices

If you can put these email marketing best practices into use, you will soon realize the difference that they can make. The first and most important email marketing practice that can attract a really large amount of subscribers is to include some incentives in your emails. These are things like coupons, codes, discounts, tickets, and more. Most consumers want to know that you care about them and are willing to return their favor. You can promise them a couple of benefits that are likely to get when they subscribe to your website. It is obvious that a client will be compelled to open your email message once you include such incentives. Remember also to include the incentives on the subject line where the subscriber can easily notice them. It will also pay off to increase your open rate by about 50%. You can also promise them benefits such as free shipping when they spend a certain amount of money on their shopping.

Another important factor to consider when applying these email marketing best practices is to keep the message simple. When you are creating your email messages make sure that they are between 500 to 600 pixels wide. Remember, that your subscribers are too busy to spend more than one minute of their time struggling to figure out what your email is all about. It can be so displeasing for your subscribers to keep scrolling sideways to read the email message because the message is too wide. In such a situation chances are that they will get bored before they read the entire message. It is therefore important for you to keep the message simple, brief and interesting.

Let the subscriber enjoy reading it for more than once. That way you can be assured that your business will acquire the largest number of subscribers within a very short time. With this and other email marketing best practices, you will be able to remain on top of your competitors all the time. The other good thing about these email marketing best practices is that they are cost effective. You do not have to spend your money developing expensive advertisements for your business. An email is more than enough.

Email Guidelines

Granted, the social media hit the World like a Big Bang. Anyone who is anyone is now a chronic blogger, and anyone who is not in it looks like a dead man walking. This may very well be, but one thing stands out. For you to be able to open a social media site and integrate yourself into the frenzy, the minimum basic requirement is an email address. From Face book, to Twitter, to Google plus, Email, is what they all have in common.

The social media frenzy caught up with Yahoo, and they soon came up with yahoo messenger. Despite all this, Emails still remain one of the most effective communication tools thus far. What is interesting is the fact that email marketing generated more than any other marketing channel. So in terms of marketing, it’s still bigger than the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Email designing has a lot of sides to it, but its all comes down to simplicity, and regular product testing, the email being the eventual end product. It is doable, challenging, yes, but doable nonetheless. When designing an email, there are, certain email guidelines to consider.

Email Guidelines – Where to start

The key here is to capture attention. Do not let it wonder. Create something that does just that. This implies that you mainly invest in content as opposed to an influx of pictures that leave no space for the actual content. Yes, images are just as important, so put an equal mixture of beauty and content to balance it all out. The general email guidelines here are to have 1:4 ratio in terms of images to text content.

This means that the text content in your email should be more than the pictures, four times more. It is also important to steer clear of words such as ”buy now”-this is referred to as Spam content and it doesn’t do your email any favors. Try and mix it up a little, use other appropriate words to showcase your product.

It is all advisable to put small size photos. This email guidelines is meant to reduce the overall size of your email. This seeks to decrease the bulk and make it into a favorable weight. You’re ultimately trying to engrave your brand in your subscriber’s subconscious. The key here is to avoid too much variations. Identify a template and run with it. Using it frequently will get you an edge and ultimately a seat at the table.

It is not a popular practice, but it is advisable. It is important to maintain your corporate colors. This puts a feeling of your product being a professional brand.

Check service provider email guidelines options. How does your email look in the list of different inboxes? How does, for example, yahoo compare to Hotmail? This one of the more important aspects of email design. On some level, this may also apply to cell phone applications.

Lastly, try push in some fun, a bit of humor. Your email should not be stiff. Divert from the norm, try change things around, every so often, see how it works out.

Email Best Practices For Email Delivery

Email best practices are very important. This is because in the current world of information and technological advancement, emails have become a very important means of communication. This is because they enable people to send files with ease and faster. However, sometimes you may not know if your email was sent or not.

Sometime an email may be flagged as a Spam yet the sender may not know this. This is because they do not get a response after sending their email. This is when you may realize the benefits of email best practices. It is important to know that delivery of an email is determined by its reputation. Thus, it is not the content, which determines whether your email is delivered, or not. As such, the most important of email best practices is ensuring that you meet what your reader wants. Sending irrelevant information will have your email flagged as a Spam. This is very important if you want to have the delivery rate of your email improved.

Other email best practices include:

Be precise and concise:

Avoid attaching large files on your email. This is because many readers get bored by large files. Instead of doing this, just give detailed information about yourself, your CV or give the reader a directive of where they can get your portfolio.

Avoid nagging the reader with follow-ups:

Some people assume that just because the person they sent email to has not responded they did not receive their email. They respond to this by sending them a full email again. This should not be the case. Instead, send them a short notice wanting to find out if they received your first email. This is the best way to avoid nagging them.

Be easy to identify:

You should always ensure that your client identifies you with ease. You can achieve this by using similar name and email address. Using a different name every time you send an email will end up making your readers unable to identify you. This is one of the most important email best practices.

Be clear:

You should ensure that you are clear and direct in your message. Do not leave the audience to struggle trying to find out what you are telling them. This is because you will bore them and they will not read your message. In addition, make sure your identity is clear. This is because many audiences will not spend much of their time trying to find out who is the sender of an email. Therefore, making your identity clear is one of the email best practices.

It is important to know that emails are a very important form of primary communication. Therefore, when the recipient does not read your email, it simply means you have failed in your primary communication goal. It plays a very important role in various campaigns by companies and organisations. Therefore, ensuring that you observe email best practices is very important if you want to succeed in your campaign.

Email Marketing, What is it?

Email marketing is when an email is sent out to an entire list of people to promote and potentially sell them a product. This method is also to get your brand known and to build a relationship with customers.

Saying that, today email marketing doesn’t seem to have a good reputation. This is because, the majority of people who receive marketing emails, tend to either delete it or consider it as spam. However, there are ways in which you can practise email marketing successfully.

1. Track Data

If you are working with email marketing, tracking data is easy. Why is tracking data important? Well, if you are constantly watching what’s happening, this makes everything much easier to run. You can be on top of your email marketing campaigns and monitor how they are doing. Tracking data allows you to monitor how many people are reading your emails, if your links are being clicked and even how many times you bag a sale. You can even monitor the number of customers who have unsubscribed to your emails, forwarded them or who has considered them as spam.

2. Cost Effective

Comparing email marketing with direct marketing, email marketing definitely has the upper hand. This is because a direct marketing campaign can set you back in the thousands, email marketing will never be that pricey. Another effective factor is that email marketing goes directly to the customers you want. This can build a strong relationship between you and the customers of your choosing because every email you send out, will have fresh information about your company or brand. So if you are searching for a way to promote your product which is also cost effective, email marketing should definitely be considered.

3. Boost Sales

Email marketing plays a major role in boosting sales for your company. Although, must marketing emails today are spammy, this is where building a relationship with customers is important. You don’t want all your marketing emails to look automated, so taking time out to actually build relationships and creating content within your emails can boost sales in the long run.

4. Automate your Campaigns

With email marketing you can schedule when and how many times you want your emails to be sent out. Direct marketing doesn’t allow you to do this. This automating service can bring great benefit to your company because it keeps customers informed and up to date with everything that is happening in your company. If you offer regular promotion deals or special events etc, then the automating service can be highly effective. This is where regular email newsletters can come into play.

5. It’s Immediate

As soon as you set up an email marketing campaign then everything else happens straight away. This is because the emails go directly to the customers of your choosing. You don’t have to worry about waiting on people to find your website or products via search engines or banners and promotional ads, as soon as you send out the emails, the quick the people will know about your company. If your content is rich and thought driven, customers will notice and appreciate that. So, taking time out to really build rich content will pay off by strengthen the relationship between you and the customers.

How do you attract the customers? Well, add catchy promotions or coupon codes, everybody likes to save a few here and there. Another great way to keep customers happy is offering premium codes or even gifts for long-term loyal customers. All these methods can boost overall sales.

An email signature is a block filled with text which is usually found at the end of an email. The purpose of these signatures is to have your contact details permanently attached to every single email you send out. This gives friends, clients, or whoever receives an email from you an easier option to contact you and know who you are. Thus, these particular signatures will include; your name, email address, business contact details and a website URL. You can also personalise your own messages, if you wish to have a friendly quote at the end of your emails.

Although email signatures are fairly simple to create, some people experience many difficulties, leaving unappealing and poor information. Your email signature should be attractive and stand out. You want people to take notice of your contact details and not just send your email to the junk folder! To begin creating effective email signatures, follow these simple tips;

Email Signature Check-list

Be precise and keep it concise – Keep it short and simple, overloading your signature with unnecessary information is just a waste of time. The aim is to get those receiving your emails to get to know who you are, so what more than your name, email address or website URL do you need?

Images and Logos – Although this isn’t essential, adding an image or even a logo of your company will be effective. If you do decide to include an image then ensure that the size is befitting for the information can stand out just as much as the image. Having a huge logo with tiny writing isn’t recommended.

Show your personality – You should not be afraid to show your personality, after all you want people to feel comfortable in contacting you. You shouldn’t be withdrawn in including anything in your signature which you think defines who you are. You want your signature to stand out and be unique to you and YOU alone, what good is it if your signature resembles someone else’s? In addition, you should avoid making your signature boring and should try and include creativity and ideas which come from your personal feelings and thoughts. Hence, the key to successful and interesting email signatures is to balance personal data and contact details.

Email Signature Templates

A signature reflects your personality, provides details / information about the sender, sets the tone for the conversation. Granted there are very few people who actually pay attention to their signature but did your know that this tiny bit of your correspondence can affect the tone of address? Below are reasons why email signatures are to be treated with more than a cursory glance and how to go about saluting them.

Email signature like business letterheads are to be treated with the seriousness they deserve. This is because they spell seriousness and inject some officiousness to the venture that you are proposing. An e mail signature such as might be shunted aside as spam mail; compared this with The latter has an official ring to it and may alert the recipient that the guy on the other end may be the engineering guy who wants to get in touch with the client.

The main purpose of email signature templates is to let people know who they are dealing with and consequently how to get in touch with them. A respectable e-mail signature template should include the following: Your name, the company that is being presented, the post of the official in the conversation, all of which should ideally be captured in about 2 or 3 lines with a maximum of 72 characters on each line.

Keep in mind that in some states there are some legal ground rules that essentially capture what an email signature template should contain. This includes the address of the company, the registration no. of that company, and the VAT no if any. Excluding this information could result in legal penalties.

Email signature templates have a certain degree of etiquette that is attached to them, these may include the following ground rules: Do not under any circumstances include random quotes at the bottom. Personal details, your skill sets, images and logos are to be excluded from the e mail signatures. Random quotes may leave a bad taste in the mouth of those who you are trying to address, as for personal details they are just that personal- keep them that way, and as far as images and logos are concerned. They have the effect of increasing the file size and spell a lack of seriousness in as far as the business world is concerned.

If it is possible steer away from HTML formatting that may have diverse issues in so far as dealing with different e-mail clients. Although HTML formatting is supposed to support different e mail clients, the problems that may arise from this formatting have to do with issues of the formatting nature, therefore ensure that text looks good in plain text, use black standard size fonts whilst avoiding the multi colored options, and check to ensure that it wraps around texts correctly.

After all the above rules, remember that that proper email signature templates are a balance between maintaining personal details and contact details.

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Email Signature Templates

Newsletters are the most effective way to attract visitors to your product or website, you must have a well-designed newsletter to attract your subscribers. In this post I have compiled a series of well designed beautiful email template designs.

Hybrid Fitness

Hybrid Fitness



Studio Mail

Studio Mail





Give Blood

Give Blood





Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

Hard Craft

Hard Craft

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